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SBO and UIA Announces the Winners of the international architectural competition “Innovative Bioclimatic European School in Crete, Greece”

Athens, 20 December 2012 – The School Buildings Organisation [SBO] and the International Union of Architects [UIA] are pleased to announce the Prize Winners of the international architectural competition "Innovative Bioclimatic European School in Crete, Greece". First prize has been awarded to EuZen Architecture Team led by Greek architects Theodora Kyriafini and Fotini Lymperiadou. The Jury Panel, consisting of nine international judges, has selected the winner amongst the 134 entries. The Architect Team awarded the first prize will sign a contract with SBO for the next phase of the project in order to implement the detailed design study.


The winning design proposal is based around a series of courtyards that act as the core gathering places, in the heart of each school. Natural ventilation and shading is being used to create a comfortable environment. The Cretan tradition is reflected with the use of rough unrefined materials such as stone, rammed earth and timber combined with contemporary techniques and technologies to meet contemporary construction needs. The Jury Panel reported: "This is a delightful school complex that students and young children will really enjoy. It brings nature into its heart and at the same time a stimulating and inspiring environment. The kindergarten children will particularly enjoy the 'Mitato' style napping area. The courtyards and school layout should make the building easy to use".


Welcome to the International Architectural Competition “Innovative Bioclimatic European School complex in Crete – Greece” - SEEH (School of European Education in Heraklion) Competition.

The Competition is organised by the School Buildings Organisation of Greece (SBO) in association with the International Union of Architects (UIA), through its UIA-ARES International Work Programme and aims to elect the optimum design for a bioclimatic and contemporary European school complex in Crete.

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ΟΣΚ (SBO) School Buildings Organization


The School Buildings Organisation SA (SBO), founded in 1962, is a state-owned limited liability company, run under the supervision of the Ministry of infrastructure, Transport and Networks and the Ministry of Education, Life-long Learning and Cults.


Its main scope of work includes design and construction of school infrastructure in the wider Athens and Thessaloniki areas, as well as supply schools all around Greece with educational equipment.



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